Spiegel, Hiltrud von

Methodisches Handeln in der Sozialen Arbeit (EPUB)

Grundlagen und Arbeitshilfen für die Praxis

Unter Mitarbeit von Benedikt Sturzenhecker. Mit 30 Arbeitshilfen.
6. durchgesehene Auflage 2018. 269 Seiten. 4 Abb. 4 Tab.

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Hiltrud von Spiegel
Methodical procedures in Social Work

Fundamentals and aids for practical application

(Methodisches Handeln in der Sozialen Arbeit)
Grundlagen und Arbeitshilfen für die Praxis

5th completely revised edition 2013.
269 pages, 4 illustrations, 4 tables.
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Youth Assistance Services and Schools
Those who are engaged in social work should have a competent base for their procedures. Professional skills need professional as well as scientifically based working rules. For those in practice, as well as for students, the tools for planning and evaluating their work is often lacking and a particular method of doing things is generally chosen by intuition. Why this is then the correct procedure for an individual situation is not necessarily clear. Methodical procedures, however, mean that work is systematically planned and reflected upon. It spans a bridge between scientific theory and practice. This book is an important companion for those studying and practising social work.

The author
Prof. Dr. Hiltrud von Spiegel teaches Social Welfare at the College of Higher Education in Münster with main emphasis on the theory of social work and methodical procedures in social work (including quality development and self-evaluation).

Target groups
Students of social work, social education and social welfare; those practising in all areas of social work who want to base their actions on a solid foundation of methodical procedure.