Lederle, Sabine

Lucky und das Geheimnis

Wie man sich aus einer schwierigen Situation befreien kann

Mit Illustrationen von Manuela Kral Mit Ideen für die pädagogische Arbeit als Online-Material (Reihe Lucky-Bücher)
1. Auflage 2020. 38 Seiten. Innenteil farbig

(ISBN 978-3-497-02981-5) gebunden
€ [D] 18,90 / € [A] 19,50

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Sabine Lederle
Lucky and the Secret
How to escape a difficult situation
With illustrations by Manuela Kral

Forget it!
• Suitable for children aged between 6 and 9
• Addresses “good” and “bad” secrets
• Teaches children how to ask for help in difficult situations

When Lucky’s mistress has to work long hours, he spends his time at an afternoon care facility with other dogs. One day, the big white dog Grudge puts pressure on Lucky and threatens him. Grudge won’t let Lucky tell anyone else. How can Lucky get out of his difficult situation? After all, you can't betray a secret... can you?
This joining-in book for reading aloud gets children involved in the story via specific questions. It shows how trust and friendship can help us escape emotionally stressful situations, and teaches children how to deal with “bad” secrets. It can be used as study material on the topic of “social learning” in school classes, small groups or in individual settings.

Author information
Sabine Lederle , a child care worker, grad. social education worker and specialist for animal-assisted social work, is the founder of “dogik - Pädagogik mit Hund”, a further education centre for animal-assisted education, and also works at a school in the Offenbach am Main district.

Target readership
Child care workers, social education workers, teachers of children with special needs, teachers, including those at schools for children with learning difficulties, parents.

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