Mönks, Franz J. / Ypenburg, Irene H.

Unser Kind ist hochbegabt

Ein Leitfaden für Eltern

(Kinder sind Kinder; 14)
5., neu gest. und aktual. Auflage 2012. 151 Seiten.

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Franz J. Mönks / Irene H. Ypenburg
Our child is gifted

(»Children are children«; 14)

(Unser Kind ist hochbegabt)
(»Kinder sind Kinder«; 14)

5th redesigned and updated edition 2012
151 pages.
List price: € 16.90
(978-3-497-02259-5) pb

Parents and teachers often complain that it can be a long and wearying task to find the right educational support and help that the gifted child is so sorely in need of. Can the mentally gifted be recognized in infancy? Are gifted children problematical? How can educational and school problems be avoided? These and other related questions are answered in this book.

The authors
Prof. Dr. Franz J. Mönks is Professor for Psychology and Pedagogics for Gifted Children at the University of Nijmegen, head of the Center for Research on Gifted Children and President of the European Assosication for Gifted Children.
Irene H. Ypenburg publicist and editor of a range of material for elementary school.

Target groups
All those who love children, work with children and have the desire to understand and support children in an optimal way.

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