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Herausgeber: Beetz, Andrea / Debuse, Dorothée / Isenbügel, Ewald / Riedel, Meike / Struck, Henrike / Welsche, Mone

1. Auflage Heft 4, 2009.

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Sabine Schickendantz, Birna Bjarnason-Wehrens, Elisabeth Sticker, Sigrid Dordel, Narayanwami Sreeram, Marion Drache:
English article: Therapeutic Riding for Children with Congenital Heart Disease


Summary: Many children with congenital heart disease do not benefit from the experience of regular physical exercise due to overprotective parents and uncertainty on the part of physicians and trainers about the childrens’ physical capacity. This can result in deficits in motor development, body awareness, and coordination, as well as in anxiety, fearfulness about movement, lack of confidence, poor social skills and a restricted range of activities (Sticker 2004; Bjarnason-Wehrens et al. 2007). Therapeutic riding, especially psycho-educational riding/vaulting, but also hippotherapy and riding as a sport for people with disabilities, affect these childrens’ development most positively.

Keywords: Psycho-educational riding/vaulting, hippotherapy, equestrian sports for handicapped people, vaulting, riding, therapeutic riding, equine assisted therapy, physical activity and congenital heart disease, coordination, physical capacity of children with congenital heart disease

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