Privacy statement

The protection of your personal data is important to us. 


I. Controller as per GDPR Art. 4 (7)


1. Name of the controlling body:

Ernst Reinhardt GmbH & Co KG


2. Managing Director:

Hildegard Wehler


3. Address of the controlling body:

Ernst Reinhardt GmbH & Co KG

Kemnatenstraße 46

D-80639 Munich



II. Data protection officer:

Michael Vogelbacher

consileo GmbH & Co. KG

Bahnhofstr. 5

53572 Unkel





III. Intended purpose and data minimisation

As a publisher, Ernst Reinhardt Verlag offers demanding titles for theoreticians and practitioners, with book content that meets a high professional standard and many works that stand the test of time. We collect and use your personal data exclusively as per the provisions of the EU’s and the Federal Republic of Germany’s General Data Protection Regulation. In the following, we provide information on how, to what extent and for which purpose we collect and use your personal data. No processing is carried out for purposes other than those listed below. The information can be accessed on this website at any time.


1. Data transfer and logging for intra-system and statistical purposes (log files)

When you access our website, your browser automatically transfers data to our web server for technical reasons. This includes, e.g. date and time of access, URL of the linking website, file retrieved, amount of data sent, type and version of browser, operating system and IP address. These data are stored separately from any other data you may enter in the course of using our product range. These data (anonymised in the case of IP addresses) are analysed for statistical purposes and stored. For journal subscriptions, the full IP addresses at the time of transfer are used for identification purposes and to establish that a multi-user or campus license applies.


2. Cookies

This website uses cookies. The website cookies are small files that allow us to store specific information related to a user’s access device (PC, smart phone or similar) on that device. Cookies help to make websites more user-friendly and hence benefit users (e.g. by storing log-in data). On the other hand, they enable statistical data regarding the use of the website to be collected and analysed to improve the product range. Users can influence the use of cookies. Most browsers include an option to limit or completely prevent cookies being stored. However, they also point out that the use of the website, and especially the ease of use, is limited if cookies are not accepted.


3. Inventory data

If a contractual relationship (web shop) between you and our company is to be established, developed or changed, we collect and use your personal data to the extent required for these purposes. Your personal data are collected specifically during registration / log-in, for the shopping basket function and for the payment & billing functions.

In individual cases, and if required by the competent authorities, we may provide information about these data (inventory data) where necessary for the purposes of a criminal prosecution; for hazard defence; to fulfil the statutory remit of the government agencies charged with safeguarding the constitution or of the military counter-intelligence services (Militärischer Abschirmdienst); or to ensure the enforcement of intellectual property rights.


4. Usage data

We collect and use your personal data to the extent required to enable you to use our website or for billing purposes (usage data). These include specifically features enabling us to identify you, and information about the beginning, end and extent of your use of our product range. For the purposes of advertising, market research and the needs-based design of our website, we may set up usage profiles if pseudonyms are used. You have the right to object to this use of your data. We are not permitted to merge the usage profiles with data about the bearer of the pseudonym. In individual cases, and if required by the competent authorities, we may provide information about these data (usage data) where necessary for the purposes of a criminal prosecution; for hazard defence; to fulfil the statutory remit of the government agencies charged with safeguarding the constitution or of the military counter-intelligence services (Militärischer Abschirmdienst); or to ensure the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Otherwise, no data are shared with third parties unless you have given explicit consent. 


IV. Data subjects (individuals affected) and categories of data

Data subjects are customers, visitors to the website, suppliers and business partners as well as employees. Here, we collect all the information you enter, generally including surname, first name and, where applicable, postal / email address, IP and payment data. However, we only do this within the scope outlined under intended purpose and data minimisation above.


V. Legal basis

The legal basis for the collection, processing and transfer of your data is, firstly, your consent (e.g. in the case of newsletters); furthermore a balancing of interests, where the balance of interests has not led to the restriction of your rights and freedoms (e.g. due to our interest in deploying analytical tools to measure the success of our website and optimise browsing per page, or e.g. when answering your inquiries), or, in the case of a purchase, our purchase agreement with you.


VI. Deletion of data

If the purpose ceases to exist, and no statutory retention period applies, the relevant personal data are deleted. As a matter of principle, the data are only stored for the duration of the above-mentioned purposes.


VII. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be communicated.

Your data are passed on to the mail dispatcher and the newsletter forwarder, to the distributor, to invoicing firms and collection agencies, and, where appropriate, to utb GmbH for marketing purposes. Data are also passed on to the relevant payment service when payment is made. A range of statutory provisions also require us to pass the data on to the tax office (Finanzamt) or other public authorities.


VIII. Data transfer to third countries

Data may be transferred to third countries for purposes linked to the provision of services if applicable (system programming).


IX. Rights of data subjects (individuals affected)

You have the opportunity and the right at all times to contact the controlling body (see above) and request information on how your data are being processed. You also have a right to correct your data and a right to erasure. You have the right to restrict processing, i.e. only to permit the processing of partial information. You further have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data. The publisher will then review the extent to which the failure to process is in conflict with its statutory duty to pass on and process your data, and inform you accordingly. You have a right to data portability, viz., we shall, upon request, transfer your personal data to you in machine-readable form in a common format of our choice.

You also have a right to complain to the regulatory authority competent for youfor data protection if you take the view that we are not handling your personal data properly and in line with this declaration.

If you have given consent for the processing of your data, you may withdraw that consent at any time.

If you receive advertising from us, you also have the right to object at any time and no longer receive advertising from us. 


 X. Newsletter

If you have opted to subscribe to one of the newsletters via our website (newsletter with the latest new titles, journal newsletter, news about, news about the collection of children’s speech therapy exercises, and press distribution list), we shall send a newsletter to the email address you have given us. Our newsletter provides regular information on what’s new, on events or other activities in the areas of interest you have specified, if applicable. The email address you have provided so we can send out the newsletter will only be used by us, although mailing service providers may also be involved. Your data will never be sold to third-party firms, individuals or institutions.

Of course, you may cancel the newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of each newsletter, or alternatively, contact us by email at newsletter 


XI. Google services

The following provides information about the services supplied by Google (the Alphabet Group) which are used on our website (for users in the EU: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House Barrow St, Dublin 4, Ireland; outside the EU: Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). Google has self-certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement. By doing so, Google has agreed to maintain a level of data protection comparable to that in the European Union. See here for more information:

You can obtain more information in Google’s Privacy Guideline under, in Googles explanation about acquisition and usage of data under  and


1. Google web fonts

To increase the readability of our website, we use Google LLC web fonts via an API (application programming interface). When you access our site, these fonts are stored in your browser cache. Your browser contacts the Google servers for this purpose, and your IP address is transmitted to Google with the information that you have visited our website.

If you access our website using a browser that is not compatible with web fonts, the page will display in one of your computer’s standard fonts instead.

Information on Google web fonts can be found here:


2. DoubleClick by Google

Since we show YouTube videos on our website, “DoubleClick by Google” is also implemented on the site. Like YouTube, DoubleClick is part of Google. DoubleClick uses cookies to serve ads and to measure the success of ads. For this purpose, an anonymous identifier is assigned to your browser. According to Google, DoubleClick cookies do not include any personal information. However, via the cookies and the anonymous identifier, Google identifies which pages were visited, in order to serve ads across several pages. It also analyses which ads were displayed and which may have been accessed, i.e. clicked on. By using cookie IDs, DoubleClick is able to measure conversions, which are connected to ad requests. Please note that if you are registered with one of the Google services and logged in; Google will be able to associate your visit to our website with your Google account. Even without such registration or log-in, Google has the technical capability to retrieve and store your IP address. Google sends the information generated by the cookies to a server in the USA or another third country outside the EU, where it is processed and stored.

If you do not want to receive personalised ads, you may set your preferences accordingly at

To prevent tracking, you can

·        change the cookie settings in your browser to block third-party cookies (trackers).

·        You can also deactivate Google’s conversion tracking cookies by blocking cookies from the domain “” in your browser. Please note that this setting will only hold until you delete cookies.

·        Finally, popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer)) allow you to use a plug-in to set your advertising preferences permanently. Find out more at:

However, such a setting may mean that unrestricted use of our website is no longer possible. Additional information on DoubleClick by Google may be found here:


XII. Matamo (formerly Pwik)

This website uses Matomo (formerly Piwik) for web analysis. Matomo is an open source solution for web analysis. Matomo uses cookies – text files that are stored on your computer and allow your use of the website to be analysed statistically. Your data are anonymised and stored on a German server operated by the provider. Your IP address is anonymised prior to being stored and cannot be used to identify individuals. The data stored by Matomo is never pooled with other data sources or transferred to third parties. You may prevent the cookies being installed by setting the relevant preferences in your browser software; however, please be aware that if you do, you may not be able to use all the features of this website in full. If you do not consent to the storage and analysis of the data from your visit, you may object to Matomo storing and using the data. All it takes is a single click of your mouse below. In that case, an opt-out cookie will be placed on your computer, and in consequence, Matomo will not collect any session data. Please note: if you clear your cookies, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted, and you may need to trigger it again. 

XIII. Social media


1. Sharing recommendations of our products on social networks

This website includes links to some social networks, specifically Twitter and Facebook, in its footer (i.e. at the bottom of the page). That means no data are transferred to those networks from there. However, please take note of the privacy statements below, which apply if you access our presence on those networks.

You have the option to recommend our books on the social networks Facebook and Twitter. If you click on the logo for one of these networks (“f” for Facebook and the Bird for Twitter), you will be redirected to the website of the network in question and asked to log in or register. As long as you are on our website, no data are transferred to those networks. The networks only collect data once you click on the logo and are redirected. Please see the privacy statements of the relevant network to find out which data are collected:

Facebook at,

Twitter at


2. Privacy statement for the use of YouTube

We used the plug-in for the YouTube service, which is part of Google LLC. You can identify the plug-in on our page by the embedded video, which is clickable. If you click on the video on one of our pages, your browser will establish a direct link to YouTube’s servers. The YouTube server will receive information about the specific page you have visited on out website. If you are also logged in to your YouTube account, YouTube will be able to assign your surfing behaviour to your personal profile. You can prevent this potential assignment by logging out of your account beforehand. See additional information on this issue in the privacy statement on:


3. Privacy statement for our Facebook page

When you access our Facebook page, Facebook places cookies on the device you are using (viz. your computer or mobile). These cookies are used to store information in web browsers and have a lifespan of two years unless delated. Facebook receives, records and processes the information stored in the cookies. This not only applies when you access Facebook services such as our Facebook page, but also in the case of services provided by other Facebook companies. It further applies to services provided by other corporates that use Facebook services. Facebook partners and third parties also use cookies on Facebook services in order to provide services to Facebook and/or to corporates advertising on Facebook.

Please note that cookies are placed whenever our Facebook page is accessed, regardless of whether you have a Facebook account or not. If you do have a Facebook account, Facebook will collect and process data when you access our Fanpage, if you have provided these data on your Facebook account. They include your age, gender, relationship status, professional situation as well as information about your lifestyle, interests and purchases and/or purchasing behaviour (demographic data). Facebook also collects and processes geographic data such as your location. This enables Facebook to offer targeted information and advertising (personalisation). Facebook is able to assign these data to you as an individual. If you do not have a Facebook account, the cookie placement will still result in collection of your IP address, information about your device, the region or possibly the more precise location in which you are using it, the call time and dwell time, as well as an estimate of the above-mentioned demographic data, based on your surfing behaviour. 

As operator of our Fanpage, we receive anonymised visitor statistics compiled by Facebook, based on these data.

You can prevent the cookie-generated data and the data related to your use of the website (including your IP address) being collected and processed by Facebook by making appropriate changes to your cookie settings. Most browsers feature an option that limits or completely prevents cookies being stored. However, please note that the use of the website, and especially the ease of use, will be limited without cookies. You can also activate the “do not track” function in your browser, disable active scripting in your browser, or use a script blocker. More information about Facebook’s data policy can be found on See information about data protection on for ways to adjust the targeting of ads.


4. Privacy statement for our Twitter presence

When you access our Twitter presence, Twitter (for users in the EU: Twitter International Company, One Cumberland Place, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, D02 AX07 IRELAND; outside the EU: Twitter Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103 U.S.A.) places cookies on the device you are using (viz. your computer or mobile). As a result, Twitter receives, among other things, information about the type of device you are using and your IP address. If you have a Twitter account where you have stored additional information, e.g. your email address, telephone number, contacts in your address book and a public profile, Twitter will combine these account data with your visit when you access our Twitter presence. Among other things, Twitter Inc. uses this information to personalise ads and to show you other Twitter users you may like to follow.

Please note that cookies are placed whenever our Twitter presence is accessed, regardless of whether you have a Twitter account or not.

Along with any tweets you may post, Twitter also analyses any tweets you read, “like” or re-tweet. It also analyses additional information to determine subjects of interest, your age, which languages you speak, as well as other cues designed to ensure that the content displayed to you is as highly personalised as possible. If you have a Twitter account, Twitter will always learn which tweets you read and hence your areas of interest. As a Twitter account holder, you can set personalisation preferences. To see the data Twitter has collected about you, go to

For the websites of third party providers that have integrated Twitter content, Twitter may receive log data about the website you have visited. According to information provided by Twitter, the service does not associate your online activities with your name, email address, telephone number or user name and deletes, obscures or aggregates these date after a maximum period of 30 days. According to Twitter, no such log data are collected for browsers which, Twitter assumes (based on IP address), are located in the European Union or in member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

We ourselves may process data you have made available to Twitter (user name, content published on your account, mainly tweets), if we re-tweet or respond to tweets published by you, or link to you in our tweets.

You can find additional information in Twitter’s privacy policy on, under as well as in Twitter's explanation about settings for the Data protection under