M.A. Anne Schröter, Sarah Schulze, Katharina Krause, Prof. Dr. Jan Kuhl:
Fachbeitrag: Entwicklung und Validierung des EXPE-B
Development and Validation of the EXPE-B

Jahrgang 2019
Keywords: Einstellungen, Einstellungsmessung, Behinderung, Fragebogen, EXPE-B

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...en Einstellung gegenüber Behinderung ist. Schlüsselbegriffe:?Einstellungen, Einstellungsmessung, Behinderung, Fragebogen, EXPE-B Development and Validation of the EXPE-B – A Questionnaire for Measuring Explicit Attitudes Towards Disability Summary:?During the process of developing an inclusive school sy...

...he EXPE-B is a questionnaire that enables the measurement of explicit attitudes towards disability based on the two-groups theory by Hinz (1993). This validation study (N=308) shows that EXPE-B is a valid and reliable instrument to measure the explicit attitudes towards disability. Keywords:?Attitudes, atti...

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