Speck, Otto

System Heilpädagogik

Eine ökologisch reflexive Grundlegung

6., überarb. Auflage 2008. 550 Seiten. 28 Abb. 7 Tab.

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Otto Speck
The system of special education

An ecological and reflective foundation

(System Heilpädagogik)
Eine ökologisch reflexive Grundlegung

6th revised edition 2008.
550 pages, 28 illustrations, 7 tables.
List price: € 44.00
(978-3-497-01998-4) pb

The classic in its 6th edition!
Otto Speck has brought the biological foundations of special needs education up to date – he particularly addresses the, at times provoking, theses of Neurobiology but also the pedagogical meaning of neuronal motivation systems. Last but not least Speck arrives at a radically thought out inclusion, which he sets particularly in relation to the systemic approach and the special needs school system.

The author
Prof. Dr. Otto Speck, former Professor Ordinarius for Special Teaching at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Founder of the magazine “Frühförderung interdisziplinär” (Interdisciplinary early intervention).

Target groups
Students and teachers of therapeutic and special teaching, teachers in early intervention and special schools, integration teachers, those with responsibilities in the school and social system.