Stahl, Leora

Simon, das Asperger-Syndrom und unser alltäglicher Wahnsinn

1. Auflage 2020. 178 Seiten.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02972-3) kt
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Leora Stahl
Simon, Asperger Syndrome and Our Daily Madness

Metaphors prohibited!
• Authentic anecdotes about her adult son: a mother’s perspective
• Overflowing baths and other little accidents
• Amusing, moving, true to life

Showers in the bath, nocturnal piano concerts and complicated directions: the author provides glimpses of daily life with her adult son Simon, who has Asperger's autism, which can prove turbulent at times. Together they experience confusion, misunderstandings and misinterpretations, with sometimes humorous, and at other times thought-provoking consequences. No matter how challenging the situation, the author doesn’t lose her cool, or her sense of humour. The anecdotes, which relate typical situations and behaviours, reveal Simon’s own personal logic. Just like real life!

Author information
Leora Stahl , mother of two adult sons (21 and 24 years old), the elder of whom suffers from Asperger’s autism, is a trained forwarding agent and works as a freelance tutor.

Target readership
Parents of children affected, specialists working with those with autism, specifically Asperger Syndrome, those interested in autism, sufferers.

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