Klöck, Irene / Schorer, Caroline

Übungssammlung Frühförderung

Kinder von 0-6 heilpädagogisch fördern

Mit einem ausführlichen Übungsverzeichnis.
(Beiträge zur Frühförderung interdisziplinär; 16)
5., durchgesehene Auflage 2020. 277 Seiten. 114 Abb. 6 Tab.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02928-0) kt
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Irene Klöck / Caroline Schorer
Exercise Collection Early Childhood Intervention

Special needs support for children from 0-6 years

(Übungssammlung Frühförderung)

4th revised edition 2016
277 pages, 114 illustrations, 6 tables.
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Over 400 ideas concerning early childhood intervention

  • Tried and tested exercise examples and suggestions
  • Clear classification by learning areas such as perception, motor function, social behaviour etc.

Therapeutic pedagogy as a holistic learning approach is an important part of early childhood intervention. Especially during preschool age, a time of extreme learning capabilities, it is necessary to spot function impairments and developmental risks as early as possible and to provide selective treatment.
This book provides plenty of early childhood intervention options, exercises and ideas. A focus lies on practical work with children. Practitioners get new suggestions for a varied every-day early childhood intervention work with exercises for improving perception, motor functions and cognition, academic skills, for shaping social behaviour and mastering language.

The authors
Irene Köck, Mindelheim, therapeutic pedagogy in the field of early childhood intervention. Used to work several years in the basic area as well as with handicapped children and teenagers at a therapeutic orientated asylum.
Caroline Schorer, Mindelheim, therapeutic pedagogue in the field of early childhood intervention. She has many years of experience as an assistant kindergarten manager, as well as professional experience at a preschool facility and a therapeutic asylum.

Target groups
(Therapeutic) pedagogues and educators working in the field of early childhood intervention with children from 0 to 6 years.