Riemann, Fritz

Grundformen der Angst (PDF-E-Book)

45. Auflage 2019. 244 Seiten.

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Fritz Riemann
Basic Forms of Anxiety

Using Depth Psychology to Find a Balance in Your Life.

(Grundformen der Angst)
Eine tiefenpsychologische Studie

42nd edition 2017.
244 pages.
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More than 950.000 copies sold to this day!
The reader of this book cannot avoid noticing the great sensitivity and profound observation of Fritz Riemann's approach to this subject. Because of ist clear diction the book will appeal also to non-specialists, although the well-defined structure lends it the character of a standard reference work for students.
Riemann succeeds in convincingly presenting his thesis that anxiety is human. He gently, carefully leads the reader to recognize his/her own anxieties and one-sidedness. The confrontation with personal problems which can be raised onto the level of consciousness helps the reader to understand himself and his fellow human beings better.
This book is a source of encouragement and instruction in the art of perceiving and accepting one's own anxieties, and if possible modifying them in a productive way.
"The Riemann" is the long-standing bestseller about anxiety!

The author
Fritz Riemann (1902-1979), studied psychology, qualified psychoanalyst; co-founder of the Institute for Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Research, Munich (today: Academy for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy). "Primary Forms of Anxiety" is Riemann's most famous book.

Target groups
Students and teachers of psychology and sociology.

Rights sold to
Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Czech Republic, Georgia.