Kalff, Dora M.

Sandspiel (PDF-E-Book)

Seine therapeutische Wirkung auf die Psyche

Mit einem Nachwort von Martin Kalff
5. Auflage 2017. 166 Seiten. 79 Abb.

(ISBN 978-3-497-61166-9) E-Book
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Kalff, Dora M.
Sand Play

Its Therapeutic Effect on the Psyche


5th edition 2017
166 pages, 79 illustrations
List price: € 27.90
(978-3-497-02684-5) pb

Pleasure in free expression and the sensual sensations experienced during sand play has both an effect on, and influences, the player. Dora Kalff uses empathetically recounted examples drawn from her therapeutic career to demonstrate how feelings and self-perception, problem solving and self-discovery are expressed in sand play, exemplified by numerous illustrations of these fascinating pictures in sand.

Target Readership
Psychotherapists,psychologists, social / remedial education workers