Weber, Wilfried

Wege zum helfenden Gespräch (EPUB)

Gesprächspsychotherapie in der Praxis

15. Auflage 2019. 211 Seiten.

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Wilfried Weber
Ways towards helpful Conversation

Talk psychotherapy in practice

(Wege zum helfenden Gespräch)
Gesprächspsychotherapie in der Praxis

14th edition 2012.
211 pages.
List price: € 21.90
(978-3-497-02297-7) pb

Based on the client-centred approach of Carl Rogers, elements and methods of the helpful conversation are explained vividly and in a concise manner. Practical tips make use of many examples of how theoretical elements can be put into practice in conversations. In more than 90 hands-on exercises (e.g. conversation logs, role-playing games, estimation scales on conversational behaviour, exercises on self-experience, body exercises) the application is engrossed. An indispensable companion during studies that belongs on the bookshelves of all who work or intend to work in the fields consulting or therapy.

The author
Dr. Wilfried Weber, priest and psychotherapist, instructor at the Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Gesprächspsychotherapie e.V. (Association of Scientific Talk Psychotherapy) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pastoralpsychologie e.V. (German Association of Pastoral Psychology).

Target groups
Psychologists, (social) pedagogues and psychotherapists at work and in training.