Brem-Gräser, Luitgard

Familie in Tieren

Die Familiensituation im Spiegel der Kinderzeichnung. Entwicklung eines Testverfahrens

12. Auflage 2020. 164 Seiten. 30 Abb.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02913-6) kt
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Luitgard Brem-Gräser
Family in Animals

The family situation mirrored in children's drawings, developing a test method

(Familie in Tieren)

11th edition 2014
164 pages, 30 illustrations.
List price: € 29.90
(978-3-497-02501-5) pb

The proven and tested "Family in animals" drawing test is indispensable for education and school counselling in practice. It allows for a distinguished diagnosis and makes family specific support easier. Critieria are presented based on comprehensive data allowing to determine a child's individual problematic behaviour on the basis of ist drawing of an animal. Statistic basics, execution, evaluation and areas of application of the test are described in a vivid way.