Wiswede, Günter

Einführung in die Wirtschaftspsychologie

5., aktual. Auflage 2012. 408 Seiten. 66 Abb. 10 Tab.

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Günter Wiswede
Introduction to economic psychology

(Einführung in die Wirtschaftspsychologie)

5th revised edition 2012.
408 pages, 66 illustrations, 10 tables.
List price: € 39.99
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This standard textbook offers a general overview of the broad range of topics covered in economic psychology. It introduces us to the general theories and methods relating to economic psychology and presents the various fields of work relevant to macro and micro economy with their inherent problems and resolutions in an informative, integrated and systematic way.

The author
Prof. em. Dr. Günter Wiswede teaches economic and social psychology and was the director of the Institute for Economic and Social Psychology at the University in Cologne.

Target groups
Students and teachers of psychology and the economic sciences.