Theilen, Ulrike

Mach doch mit! (PDF-E-Book)

Lebendiges Lernen mit Kindern mit schweren Behinderungen

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Ulrike Theilen
Join in!

Active learning with severely handicapped children

(Mach doch mit!)
Lebendiges Lernen mit schwerbehinderten Kindern

4th revised edition 2006.
201 pages, 25 illustrations.
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The particular life situation of children and adolescents with serious and multiple disabilities calls for the special planning and designing of the teaching environment. A purely goal-oriented approach will soon show ist limitations. In this book, possible areas of emphasis in pre-school and school instruction are identified according to content: What do I experience in relation to a particular material or object? What can I do with it, what changes can take place? The reader will find lesson units that have been tried and tested in the field which can be carried out in individual as well as in group situations.

The author
Ulrike Theilen (married name Greenwood), Erlangen, special school teacher, Head of the Therapeutic Pedagogy Course for the Special School Service.

Target groups
Therapeutic and special pedagogues, students of therapeutic and special pedagogy, teachers and advisors in disability programmes.