Essau, Cecilia A.

Angst bei Kindern und Jugendlichen

Mit 97 Übungsaufgaben.
2. Auflage 2014. 303 Seiten. 32 Abb. 35 Tab.

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Cecilia A. Essau
Fears of children and young adults

(Angst bei Kindern und Jugendlichen)

2nd edition 2014
303 pages, 32 illustrations, 35 tables.
With 97 exercise questions.
List price: € 26.99
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Disorders caused by fear are among the the most frequent psychic disorders children and young adults suffer from. Recent studies have shown that about 10 % of all children and young adults are affected. Due to the introduction of new schemes of diagnosis and interviewing within the last 10 years the investigation of fear of children and young adults has made great progress. However, the results have been hardly described and documented systematically so far.
With this book, future psychologists, psychotherapists, but also educators, teachers, social pedagogues and doctors undergoing special psychiatric training get an excellent general idea of the psychological basics of fear of children, the symptomatology and the possibilities of therapeutic prevention and intervention. Important to the future expert: the common manuals of therapy are explained in a very clear way and are critically classified. The marginal columns with key words, plenty of exercises and a glossary are a great help to students revising for exams.

The author
Dr. Cecilia A. Essau is a university lecturer at the Psychology Department I (Psychological Diagnostics and Clinical Psychology) of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.

Target Groups
Students and lecturers in the fields of clinical psychology, medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, social work, pedagogics.