Avé-Lallemant, Ursula


Mit einer Einführung in die symbolische und graphologische Interpretation

7. Auflage 2016. 255 Seiten. Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen

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Ursula Avé-Lallemant
Tree Tests

With an introduction into symbolic and graphological interpretation


7th edition 2016
255 pages, numerous illustrations.
List price: € 33.00
(978-3-497-02647-0) hb

As a test the drawing of a tree provides the benefits of great simplicity and naturalness; the task is a simple one: “Draw a tree.” Yet, working with the tree test requires the diagnostician to have special skills and honesty. Goal of this book is to show the human being with all his or her many possible statements reflected in the tree through viewing and interpreting tree drawings.

The author
Ursula Avé-Lallement, (1913-2004) was a psychologist and graphologist working as a consultant.

Target Groups
Psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians and (social - / special) pedagogues working in a therapeutic and consulting environment.