Zobrist, Patrick / Kähler, Harro Dietrich

Soziale Arbeit in Zwangskontexten

Wie unerwünschte Hilfe erfolgreich sein kann

3., vollständig überarbeitete Auflage 2017. 141 Seiten. 2 Abb. 7 Tab.

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Harro Kähler / Patrick Zobrist
Social work in compulsory contexts

How unwanted help can be successful

(Soziale Arbeit in Zwangskontexten)

3rd completely revised edition 2017
141 pages, 2 illustrations, 7 tables.
List price: € 24.90
(978-3-497-02694-4) pb

More often than is supposed, clients apply to the social services at the insistence of relatives, friends or professional helpers. Sometimes, legal requirements are also the reason for contacting a social agency. How can the social worker or social pedagogue still ensure that:
  • the client accepts the offer of help seriously, not only pro forma
  • the counselling follows a successful course
  • the client is henceforward more capable of coping

The author follows up these questions and, in spite of unfavourable conditions, finds opportunities of creating a positive climate and helping the client to find a way out of their addiction, money problems, or other worries. Results of studies underscore the potential of social work in a compulsory context and are offered in manageable doses. The biased idea that compulsory counselling cannot lead to lasting success is successfully refuted.

The authors
Patrick Zobrist, social worker, project manager and lecturer at the Institute for Social Work and Law at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland).
Dr. Harro Dietrich Kähler, Professor of Sociology in the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at the College of Higher Education in Düsseldorf. Editor of the internet review service for textbooks on social economy and social services www.socialnet.de/rezensionen.

Target Groups
Students and professionals in social work and related fields of work such as educationists in institutions for youth assistance; therapists in forensic psychiatry or in in-patient substance abuse therapy.