Hillenbrand, Clemens / Hennemann, Thomas / Schell, Annika

"Lubo aus dem All!" - Vorschulalter

Programm zur Förderung sozial-emotionaler Kompetenzen

Materialbox mit Manual, CD-ROM (Arbeitsblätter, Kopiervorlagen und Lubo-Lieder), 30 farbige Bildkarten in 2 Formaten und 2 Postern DIN A 2. Mit Illustrationen von Frauke Breuer.
2., überarbeitete Auflage 2016. 115 Seiten. DIN A 4.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02655-5) kt
€ [D] 99,00 / € [A] 101,80

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Clemens Hillenbrand / Thomas Hennemann / Annika Schell
“Lubo from outer space!“

Programme to support socio-emotional competencies in pre-school age
With illustrations from Frauke Breuer

("Lubo aus dem All!")

2nd revised edition 2016
115 pages.
List price: € 99.00
(978-3-497-02655-5) pb

“Lubo from outer space!” is a tested and scientifically evaluated programme for fostering socio-emotional competencies in pre-school aged children. It is based on the current status of research into resiliency and prevention. Thus it accomplishes good premises for successfully coming to terms with entering school and helps to avoid long term behavioural problems in children.
The 34 units of “Lubo from outer space!” can be integrated into the everyday activities of a kindergarten over a period of three to four months. By means of experience oriented games and methods, resource oriented learning becomes possible. Particularly the accompanying stories about the figure they can identify with, “Lubo”, motivate the children to participate.
“Lubo from outer space” consists of a practical handbook as well as the pictures and songs belonging to the programme, and the hand puppet, “Lubo”. Information for employees and parents about each of the main focuses dealt with (emotions, regulating emotions, social-cognitive ways of processing information, transfer into every day life) as well as games, and stimulation to continue the contents of the programme round the concept off.

The authors
Prof. Dr. Clemens Hillenbrand, Chair of Educational Help and Socio-emotional Development Advancement at the University of Cologne.
Dr. Thomas Hennemann , special needs educator, assistant of the Chair of Educational Help and Social-emotional Development Advancement at the University of Cologne.
Annika Heckler-Schell, diploma in special needs education and project leader of the evaluation of the programme for prevention, “Lubo from outer Space!”.

Target Groups
Educators, early childhood special needs carers, teachers of children with special needs, therapeutic pedagogues in kindergartens, child day care centres, early education institutions, therapeutical day care, entrance levels of special needs schools.