Walper, Heike

Basale Stimulation in der Palliativpflege

Mit Vorworten von Christel Bienstein und Martina Kern
2., überarbeitete Auflage 2016. 204 Seiten. 44 Abb. 6 Tab.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02654-8) kt
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Heike Walper
Basal Stimulation in Palliative Care

With prefaces by Martina Kern and Christel Bienstein

(Basale Stimulation in der Palliativpflege)
Mit Vorworten von Christel Bienstein und Martina Kern

2nd revised edition 2016.
204 pages, 44 illustrations, 6 tables.
List price: € 24.90
(978-3-497-02654-8) pb

Let me feel Life– until the final Moment

  • Real-life tips for hospice palliative care
  • Increases the quality of life of the terminally ill
  • Opens up new perspectives in every-day work

People in their final stage of life often suffer from a lack of consciousness, amentia and comprehension problems. Care and getting in touch with them becomes difficult, nursing staff members call for a new approach. Basal stimulation ties in with this special life situation by opening up an individual approach to the ill person, even when other means of communication are depleted. What is Basal Stimulation in the field of palliative care capable of and where can it be deployed?
In a descriptive language, the author introduces the main objectives of Basal Stimulation and gives real-life examples of how it can be deployed in palliative care.

The author
Heike Walper is a freelance instructor on basal stimulation and palliative care and works at a hospice in Munich.

Target groups
All types of nurses in the field of palliative care or in training, respectively, nursing relatives.