Allhoff, Dieter-W. / Allhoff, Waltraud

Rhetorik & Kommunikation

Ein Lehr- und Übungsbuch

Mit Arbeitsblättern.
17., aktualisierte Auflage 2016. 272 Seiten. Mit Arbeitsblättern und zahlreichen Abbildungen

(ISBN 978-3-497-02661-6) kt
€ [D] 22,90 / € [A] 23,60

Foreign Rights

Dieter-W. Allhoff / Waltraud Allhoff
Rhetorics and Communication

A text- and workbook

(Rhetorik & Kommunikation)

17th revised edition 2016
272 pages, including worksheets and many illustrations
List price: € 21.90

How do I say exactly what I mean? How do I argue effectively? And how can I listen better to other people?
This book deals with those and other questions. It covers all parts of practical rhetoric: body language, free speech, argument, negotiation and mediation. The authors show how one can adapt his or her communication skills to each situation. Gender and intercultural questions are also covered.

The authors
Dr. Dieter-W. Allhoff , speech scientist at the University Regensburg and also editor of the journal „sprechen“ (speak). Founder of the Institute for Rhetorics and Communication.
Dr. Waltraud Allhoff, logopaedic, has her own logopaedic practice and is Director of the Institute for Rhetorics and Communication.