Kuhlenkamp, Stefanie / Strobel, Beate U. M.

Einführung in die Heilpädagogik für ErzieherInnen

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4., durchgesehene Auflage 2016. 203 Seiten. 7 Abb. 3 Tab.

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Beate U. M. Strobel / Stefanie Kuhlenkamp
Basic knowledge of therapeutic pedagogy for educators

(Einführung in die Heilpädagogik für ErzieherInnen)

4th revised edition 2016.
203 pages, 7 illustrations, 3 tables.
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(978-3-497-02641-8) pb

Educators are often helpless when faced with children with abnormities in behavior, a handicap or other special needs. These children require special attention and individually targeted aid. Using information from the fields of psychology, pedagogics and medicine, the behavioral patterns of the children are presented in a way that makes them understandable. Suggestions offer tried and tested approaches for the everyday work of the educators while at the same time revealing the limits of educative work.

The authors
Dipl. psych. Beate U. M. Strobel, Munich; additional training in client-centred therapy, established as psychological psychotherapist, lecturer at a specialist academy for social pedagogy in Munich.
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Kuhlenkamp, dipl.-pedagogy; teaches in the area of handicaps and social integration at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund. She has longtime experience working in the field of psychomotor development support for children and adolescents.