Schirmer, Brita

Schulratgeber Autismus-Spektrum

Ein Leitfaden für LehrerInnen

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4., überarbeitete Auflage 2016. 170 Seiten. 20 Abb. 1 Tab.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02646-3) kt
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Brita Schirmer
School Guide Autism-Spectrum-Disorders

A guide for teachers

(Schulratgeber Autismus-Spektrum-Störungen)
Ein Leitfaden für LehrerInnen

4th revised edition 2016
170 pages, 20 illustrations, 1 table.
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(978-3-497-02646-3) pb


  • compact manual for teachers at special and standard schools
  • tried and tested

Pupils with autism-spectrum-disorders should be particularly encouraged in their communication, their social and contact behaviour and their individual interests. This book provides teachers with compact and practical information regarding the special pedagogical needs of these students, the peculiarities in terms of learning as well as tried and tested methods and principals of how lessons and breaks should be set up. Advice for choosing the right school and dealing with parents are dealt with as well as special issues when handling aggression, peculiarities during puberty and student’s sexuality.

The author
Dr. Brita Schirmer, teacher at special schools in Berlin, has been working for nearly two decades with pupils suffering from autism-spectrum-disorders.

Target groups
Teachers, educators, pedagogues, school assistants etc. at standard and special schools, at preschools and supplementing facilities working with pupils suffering from autism-spectrum-disorders.