Bach, Hajo / Bach, Tobias

Erlebnispädagogik im Wald

Arbeitsbuch für die Praxis

Mit 53 Zeichnungen und Fotos.
(erleben & lernen; 12)
3., durchgesehene Auflage 2016. 220 Seiten.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02614-2) kt
€ [D] 24,90 / € [A] 25,60

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Hajo Bach, Tobias Bach
Experiential pedagogy in the woods

(experiencing and learning; 12)

(Erlebnispädagogik im Wald)
(erleben und lernen; 12)

3rd revised edition 2016
220 pages.
List price: € 24.90
(978-3-497-02614-2) pb

Leave the mobile phones outside. And then, plunge into adventure! It only gets really exciting when there are hardly any aids from civilization available.
In a nature camp, the children and adolescents spend the night in huts they have made themselves. They cross rivers hanging on ropes, catch fish without fishing rods and learn to differentiate between poisonous and edible plants. Making rope-ladders, climbing, felling trees – all part of the experience. Just in case of emergency, the kids practise transporting the sick. There is no chewing gum or chocolate here. But the spaghetti tastes twice as good after a rafting trip or a hike in the mountains. Campfire evenings round off the nature experience.
There are wilderness trainings for adults too, for instance, for managers. The authors, both survival trainers, give advice on how orientation, first-aid and problem-solving can be practiced also at night or under difficult conditions.

The authors
Hajo Bach, experiential pedagogue, nature camp leader, outdoor trainer, experiential therapist.
Tobias Bach, experiential pedagogue, outdoor and survival trainer, nature camp leader, martial arts practitioner.

Target Groups
All those active in youth work, teachers, educationists, outdoor trainers, parents.