Schilling, Johannes

Didaktik/Methodik Sozialer Arbeit

Grundlagen und Konzepte

Mit 177 Lernfragen und Online-Material
(Studienbücher für soziale Berufe; 2)
7., vollständig überarbeitete Auflage 2016. 264 Seiten. 40 Abb. 5 Tab.

UTB-L (978-3-8252-8687-3) kt
€ [D] 29,99 / € [A] 30,90

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Johannes Schilling
Didactics / Methodology of social work

Basics and concepts
("Textbooks for social professions"; 2)

(Didaktik / Methodik Sozialer Arbeit)
("Studienbücher für soziale Berufe"; 2)

7th completely revised edition 2016.
264 pages, 40 illustrations, 5 tables.
List price: € 29,99
UTB-L (978-3-8252-8687-3) pb

This standard work is an introduction to the didactics and methodology of social work. It helps students in:

  • developing concepts for work in the field
  • working out structured and goal-oriented solutions to practical problems
  • substantiating work stages theoretically
  • testing the effectiveness of their own work

This work book is richly supplied with didactic elements. The reader will find questions which help in the understanding of the text, questions for exam preparation, summaries and numerous sidebars condensing pertinent information.

The author
Prof. Dr. Johannes Schilling, Professor at the College for Higher Education in Düsseldorf, Department of Social and Cultural Sciences; specializing in didactics and methodology; youth work and recreational pedagogy.

Target groups
Students of social work and social pedagogy.