Werning, Rolf / Lütje-Klose, Birgit

Einführung in die Pädagogik bei Lernbeeinträchtigungen

Mit zahlreichen Übungsaufgaben
4. überarbeitete Auflage 2016. 272 Seiten. 2 Abb.

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Rolf Werning / Birgit Lütje-Klose
Introduction to education for those with learning difficulties

(Einführung in die Lernbehindertenpädagogik)

4th revised edition 2016.
272 pages, 2 illustrations, numerous exercises.
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This clearly written book is directed mainly at those studying “Pedagogy for those with learning difficulties”, but also at representatives of other departments dealing with teaching for special needs. The authors address the following questions:
  • When do we speak of pupils as having learning difficulties?
  • How did the field of teaching for special needs come into being and how has it developed?
  • Which theoretical views are currently being discussed?
  • Which didactic concepts for education and support of pupils with special needs are currently being implemented?
  • Which aspects for supportive measures are viable from a organizational and pedagogic-conceptual point of view?

The authors
Dr. Rolf Werning, Professor of Pedagogy for Those with Learning Impairment. Deputy Managing Director of the Institute for Special Pedagogy at the University of Hanover.
Dr. Birgit Lütje-Klose, Graduate teacher for those with special needs and special school teacher, research colleague at the Institute for Special Pedagogy at the University of Hanover.

Target groups
Students of the subject pedagogy for those with learning impairment, students and teachers of other special pedagogical departments as well as those in teacher-training for primary and comprehensive schools.