Kron, Friedrich W. / Jürgens, Eiko / Standop, Jutta

Grundwissen Pädagogik

8., aktual. Auflage 2013. 400 Seiten. 29 Abb. 12 Tab.

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Friedrich W.Kron / Eiko Jürgens / Jutta Standop
Basic knowledge Pedagogy

(Grundwissen Pädagogik)

8th updated edition 2013
400 pages, 29 illustrations, 12 tables.
List price: € 29.99
UTB-L (978-3-8252-8550-0) pb

The standard textbook in its 8th edition!
This successful textbook is relevant to the exams for studies in education. It is suitable for scientific work, for self study, as a revision course or a work of reference. For its 7th edition, the textbook was continuously revised and didactically reviewed. Two new authors joined to update the 8th edition.
The 7th edition has been oriented to the recommendations of the DGfE, which developed a thematic canon for these studies in the German literature.

The authors
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kron is Professor for Education/Pedagogics at the Educational Institute of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz.
Prof. Dr. Eiko Jürgens, teacher, is Professor for Theory of School and Education at the University of Bielefeld.
Prof. Dr. Jutta Standop, teacher, employed at Trier University to teach in the Faculty for Educational Sciences, focusing on school pedagogics, education and learning.

Target groups
Students and teachers of psychology and education as well as interested laypersons.