Petri, Horst

Das Drama der Vaterentbehrung

7. Auflage 2011. 200 Seiten.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02264-9) kt
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Horst Petri
The Drama of having to live without a Father

(Das Drama der Vaterentbehrung)

7th edition 2011
200 pages.
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(978-3-497-02264-9) pb

When Children grow up without a Father

  • Which impact does a father-less childhood and adolescence have on personality development?

Children need both parents – but often the father is missing as a role model and example. What’s the special role the father has within the family? What are the psychic problems children and teenagers might develop when they grow up without a father? And: How can someone still compensate and handle these problems even as an adult? Horst Petri makes use of many case studies and insights from psychological research to show how crucial a father is for attachment behaviour, gender identity, finding one’s own role in society and the attitude towards partnership. He makes use of his comprehensive experience to open up ways to healing when father deprivation turns into a trauma.

The author
Prof. Dr. med. Horst Petri is a neurologist, child and adolescent psychiatrist running his own practice in Berlin.

Target groups
All who were brought up without a father or who wish to help children, teenagers and adults in a situation like this.

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