Braun, Andrea / Graßhoff, Gunther / Schweppe, Cornelia

Sozialpädagogische Fallarbeit

(Studienbücher für soziale Berufe; 11)
1. Auflage 2011. 135 Seiten.

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Andrea Braun / Gunther Graßhoff / Cornelia Schweppe
Social Pedagogic Case Work

("Study books for social professions"; 11)

(Sozialpädagogosche Fallarbeit)
("Studienbücher für soziale Berufe"; 11)

Published 2011
135 pages.
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Knowing what's the case

  • Specific suggestions for writing case studies
  • Systematic analysing strategies

This textbook presents a systematic approach to social pedagogic case studies. Specific cases from social-pedagogic everyday-life serve as didactic material to emphasise the challenges of social-pedagogic case studies and to discuss them within the scope of social-pedagogic actions.
The question whether social-pedagogic actions live up to the respective case usually cannot be answered clearly. That's why reflecting one's own actions is of crucial importance. This book ties in with the professionalisation debate of social work and presents up-to-date approaches of social-pedagogic case work.

The authors
Dr. Andrea Braun, scientific officer at the Institute of Education Science of Mainz University.
Dr. Gunther Graßhoff , Interim Professor of Social Pedagogics at Freiburg Pedagogic Academy.
Prof. Dr. Cornelia Schweppe , Professor of Social Pedagogics at the Institute of Education Science of Mainz University.

Target groups
Students of social work.