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Herausgeber: Beetz, Andrea / Debuse, Dorothée / Isenbügel, Ewald / Riedel, Meike / Struck, Henrike / Welsche, Mone

1. Auflage Heft 2, 2012.

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DOI: 10.2378/mup2012.art03d
Andrea Beetz, Verena Grebe:
English article: Therapeutic riding enhances quality of life and state of mind of children and juveniles with different psychiatric or medical disorders


Summary: The effect of eight sessions of therapeutic riding on the quality of life and state of mind of 28 children with different psychiatric or medical disorders was investigated. Quality of life was assessed before and after the intervention, current state of mind before and after each therapy session. The reports of the children themselves as well as those of the parents showed a significant increase in the child’s quality of life, and an influence of the parent’s attachment status on this effect. Current state of mind was improved after each therapeutic session. The effects were independent from the child’s relationship to animals.

Keywords: therapeutic riding, quality of life, state of mind, children, juveniles, attachment, humananimal relationship

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