Scherwath, Corinna / Friedrich, Sibylle

Soziale und pädagogische Arbeit bei Traumatisierung

3., aktualisierte Auflage 2016. 237 Seiten. 5 Abb. 7 Tab.

(ISBN 978-3-497-02645-6) kt
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Corinna Scherwath / Sybille Friedrich
Social and Educational Work with traumatised People

(Soziale und pädagogische Arbeit bei Traumatisierung)

3rd updated edition 2016.
237 pages, 5 illustrations, 7 tables.
List price: € 26,90
(978-3-497-02645-6) pb

The biographical Wound

  • Trauma work in the (social) pedagogical context
  • Building bridges between psychological approaches and pedagogical acting
  • With hands-on case studies, instructions and materials

For a long time, the topic of “traumatisation” has been a taboo in the field of social and pedagogical work and had been declared psychological-therapeutic work only.
Insights from trauma, brain and attachment research point out the necessity of a new understanding of trauma-specific cases. Social pedagogues and other pedagogical experts can work with traumatised people, who have gone through extremely distressing and threatening situations, such as exposure to violence, injuries, loss, flight, in a stabilising and resource-orientated manner.
Apart from basics of symptoms, risk and protective factors, work guidelines, methods and tips on how to deal with specific situations, the book also provides ideas on self protection for helpers.
New: Information on dissociative Phenomena, exercises for feeling enjoyment, recent finds on trauma experience from experts.

The authors
Corinna Scherwath, degree in social pedagogics, children / youth therapist, expert advisor for psychotraumatology and trauma pedagogic (zptn), manages the Pädagogisch-Therapeutisches Fachzentrum in Hamburg.
Dr. Sybille Friedrich, degree in psychology, is scientific staff member of the Faculty of Psychology at Hamburg University.

Target groups
Social educationalists, experts working in educational areas.