Speck, Karsten


Eine Einführung

Mit Prüfungsfragen und -antworten
3., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage 2014. 215 Seiten. 11 Tab.

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Karsten Speck
Social Work in School

An introduction

Eine Einführung

3rd revised and expanded edition 2014.
215 pages, 11 tables.
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Youth Assistance Services and Schools
Social work in schools has gained more importance in recent years – not only due to the PISA debate and the emergence of all-day schools in Germany. Specialized social workers are particularly in demand for encouraging social competence and for the mediation of conflicts and violent quarrels or their prevention.
What exactly is social work in schools? Which approaches have proved useful in practice? What key competencies are absolutely necessary for this field? Karsten Speck explains central concepts, sketches the framework for this field – from legal questions to financing, authorities, action principles and effects of school social work as well as the necessary standards and questions pertaining to quality development.

The author
Dr. phil. Karsten Speck is an educational-science professional at the University of Potsdam.

Target groups
Students and teachers of educational science, social work, social sciences and teacher training, specialists in school social work, school and juvenile authorities as well as school social work authorities.