Frühförderung interdisziplinär

Zeitschrift für Frühe Hilfen und frühe Förderung benachteiligter, entwicklungsauffälliger und behinderter Kinder

Herausgeber: Speck, Otto / Hollmann, Helmut / Peterander, Franz / Schulte-Körne, Gerd / Simoni, Heidi / Walthes, Renate

Heft 3, 2013.

€ [D] 28,00 / € [A] 28,00

DOI: 10.2378/fi2013.art07d
Renate Walthes:
Sehen - Anderssehen - Nichtsehen?

2013, 131-138

Summary: This article addresses the question, why seeing is rarely understood in a differentiated way although it is considered the most important of the five senses. The essay describes the variety of different visual functions and comments on the connection between seeing and learning. Visual impairments can occur from ocular as well as cerebral origins and are often a combination of both. Understanding vision therefore requires a differentiated observation and interpretation. This article provides an introduction to this special issue on vision in early education.

Keywords: Visual functions, cerebral visual impairment, seeing and learning

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