Frühförderung interdisziplinär

Zeitschrift für Frühe Hilfen und frühe Förderung benachteiligter, entwicklungsauffälliger und behinderter Kinder

Herausgeber: Speck, Otto / Hollmann, Helmut / Peterander, Franz / Schulte-Körne, Gerd / Simoni, Heidi / Walthes, Renate

Heft 3, 2013.

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DOI: 10.2378/fi2013.art09d
Christiane Freitag, Verena Petz, Renate Walthes:
Gemeinsam sehen wir weiter …
As a team we have a new view…

2013, 150-159

Summary: Planning, carrying out and evaluating assessment of vision in early interven-tion and education demands experience, a certain routine in the application of assessment procedures and the ability to describe the results for interdisciplinary team approach. There are several concepts for the assessment of vision but so far there is no strategy which establishes an uniform terminology for visual functioning and helps to bring together focuses of assessment in medical and everyday-life contexts. This article depicts how the Visual Profile by Hyvärinen can be adapted for assessment of visual functioning in early childhood. Adapting main principles of the International -Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, Version Children & Youth (ICF-CY) (WHO 2007) visual strategies of children in each respective activity area are analyzed. They are documented in a way that allows an effective exchange of information between the disciplines that are involved in the assessment process. This will improve support for children in the context of early intervention and education.

Keywords: Visuelles Funktionsprofil, Visual Profile, ICF-CY, Vision

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