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Zeitschrift für Körperpsychotherapie und Kreativtherapie

Herausgeber: Eberhard-Kaechele, Marianne / Geuter, Ulfried / Koemeda-Lutz, Margit / Röhricht, Frank / Trautmann-Voigt, Sabine

Heft 02, 2013.

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DOI: 10.2378/ktb2013.art07d
Sherry W. Goodill, Judith Raeke, Sabine C. Koch:
Sich ausweitend, aufsteigend, voranschreitend
Dance Movement Therapy: Widening, Advancing and Rising

2013, 66-73

Summary: Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) has evolved rapidly in the last three ­decades as a global phenomenon, with pronounced growth in research, theory, education and clinical practice. This report will focus on a relatively new field known as Medical Dance Movement Therapy, covering the field of DMT with patients with no primary mental health disorder such as oncological patients, stroke patients or pain patients. We will discuss how Dance Movement Therapy is applied as a psychosocial support service for individuals with a primary medical illness and for their families. A review of issues and developments in Dance Movement Therapy training will address the challenges of professional preparation in this inherently interdisciplinary field, as well as the dynamic intersection of research and training priorities in DMT academic environments.

Keywords: Dance Movement Therapy, medical indications, evidence-based medicine, health psychology, training programs

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