Zeitschrift für Psychomotorik in Entwicklung, Bildung und Gesundheit

Herausgeber: Blos, Kimon / Fischer, Klaus / Haas, Ruth / Krus, Astrid / Weiß, Otmar

Heft 1, 2013.

€ [D] 20,00 / € [A] 20,00

DOI: 10.2378/mot2013.art01d
Gerd Hölter:
Psychomotorik in Deutschland am Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts
Psychomotricity in Germany in the beginning of the 21st century

2013, 9-17

Summary: Looking closer at the specific german concept of psychomotricity originally coined by E. J. Kiphard it cannot be understood as a scientific discipline of its own right but as a colorful »buffet« of different theories and practices. In the future psychomotricity in Germany can be made more distinctive through at least three steps: looking closer on its movement and motor background, filling the gaps left open by general physical education and activity inside and outside of school-settings and focusing closer on clinical standards especially in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Keywords: psychomotricity, movement therapy, adapted physical activity, movement quality, inclusion, child and adolescent psychiatry

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