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Zeitschrift für Förderung und Therapie mit dem Pferd

Herausgeber: Beetz, Andrea / Debuse, Dorothée / Isenbügel, Ewald / Riedel, Meike / Struck, Henrike

1. Auflage Heft 2, 2011.

€ [D] 23,00 / € [A] 23,00

DOI: 10.2378/mup2011.art05d
Alexandra Dischinger, Annette Gomolla:
English article: Aspects of Horse-assisted Therapy with Children suffering from Attachment Disorders


Summary: This article deals with the special role of the horse as a relationship partner in riding therapy. The possibility of corrective attachment experiences in riding therapy are discussed and practical realisation suggestions of horse-assisted work with children are shown.

Keywords: Riding therapy, horse-assisted therapy, attachment disorder, corrective attachment experience , horse as relationship partner

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