Frühförderung interdisziplinär

Zeitschrift für Frühe Hilfen und frühe Förderung benachteiligter, entwicklungsauffälliger und behinderter Kinder

Herausgeber: Speck, Otto / Hollmann, Helmut / Peterander, Franz / Schulte-Körne, Gerd / Simoni, Heidi / Walthes, Renate

Heft 3, 2010.

€ [D] 28,00 / € [A] 28,00

DOI: 10.2378/fi2010.art11d
Armin Sohns:
Interdisziplinäre Frühförderung - ein grundständiger Studiengang im Spannungsfeld verschiedener Fachdisziplinen
Interdisciplinary Early Intervention - A Bachelor Course Based in Different Disciplines

2010, 112-123

Summary: Since october 2006 a Bachelor-Course of Studies Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Intervention is offered at the SRH-Fachhochschule für Gesundheit in Gera. This is the first academic programme of studies at a German college or university in which students are fundamentally educated to become specialists in the professional field of early childhood intervention. Up to now the initial training courses, both, in the field of pedagogy as well as in the field of medical-therapy, were restricted to a specification within a certain discipline. Only during the ongoing professional work as early childhood interventionists - if this was made possible - additional basic knowledge and skills in terms of further education in the field of early intervention could be acquired. By means of the course of studies "Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Intervention" it can be done the other way around: It offers a broader basic education, during which, within the framework of a tertiary education, the specialists are concretely prepared for the specific professional field of early childhood intervention and are able to further on, after they started their work, qualify within different specific and more detailed working fields - when indicated according to the needs of the respective early intervention teams.

Keywords: Professional education, studies, early interventionist, transdiciplinarity, curriculum, -module, scientific board, research

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