Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht

Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis

Herausgeber: Köller, Olaf / Lewalter, Doris / Saalbach, Henrik / Walper, Sabine


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DOI: 10.2378/peu2016.art27d
Sebastian Renger, Julius Kuhl:
Potenzialförderung durch Mentoring
Developing Self-Competencies

2016, 1-13

Summary: The following article reports findings concerning effects of a mentoring programme for advancing the capability of gifted and highly motivated students. This programme is part of an enrichment programme at “Salvatorkolleg”, a grammar school in Bad Wurzach, Germany. This research has been guided by the theory of Personality-Systems-Interactions (PSI theory). The programme included a teacher-student mentoring procedure based on feedback of students’ self-competencies assessed by the TOP-system (Training-Oriented-Personality Assessment) which was also used for evaluating the programme. Results reveal improvements in several self-competencies (e. g.: concentration, self-determined instead of competitive achievement motivation, initiative). Some of those improvements could be attributed to assessment-based counseling by teachers.

Keywords: Giftedness, PSI, mentoring, learning support, promotion of giftedness

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