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Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis

Herausgeber: Köller, Olaf / Lewalter, Doris / Saalbach, Henrik / Walper, Sabine

Heft 4, 2009.

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Barbara Otto, Saskia Kistner, Franziska Perels, Bernhard Schmitz, Gerhard Büttner:
Effekte direkter und indirekter Interventionen auf die Lernmotivation von Schülern
Effects of Direct and Indirect Interventions on Students’ Motivation to Learn

2009, 287-302

Summary: The aim of this study was to examine which impact a self-regulation training has on students’ motivation to learn. Theoretically, the study based on the model of motivated -self-regulated learning (Otto, 2007a), which postulates, that motivation plays a crucial role in all three phases of self-regulated learning. As motivation is always dependent on the student himself, training programs for students, as well as for parents and teachers were developed, implemented, and evaluated. A total of 258 students, 72 parents, and ten mathematics teachers voluntarily participated in the intervention study. The students were assigned randomly to five groups, which got differential -interventions. The intervention was evaluated longitudinal (pre-test, post-test, second post-test) by means of a student questionnaire. The results of the multivariate analyses of variance revealed, that particularly those students, who participated in the training program by themselves, had noticeable effects, which could still be confirmed partially after three month. The results are discussed in detail regarding their theoretical as well as their practical relevance.

Keywords: Motivation to learn, self-regulated learning, student training, parent training, teacher training

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