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Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis

Herausgeber: Köller, Olaf / Lewalter, Doris / Saalbach, Henrik / Walper, Sabine

Heft 4, 2009.

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Doris Lewalter, Ariane S. Willems:
Die Bedeutung des motivationsrelevanten Erlebens und des individuellen Fachinteresses für das situationale Interesse im Mathematikunterricht
The Relevance of Emotional Experiences and Subject-Related Interest for Situational Interest in Mathematics

2009, 243-257

Summary: The present study analyses preconditions and different manifestations of content-related motivational processes during school lessons based on the theoretical concept of situational interest. Within this framework, two developmental phases are distinguished: the first appearance of situational interest (SI-Catch) and a constitutive, stabilized situational interest (SI-Hold). The present contribution investigates the importance of the emotional experiences of autonomy, competence, and relatedness for both developmental phases and the relevance of an individual subject-related interest for situational interest. For that purpose, N=951 8th grade students from 38 classes were surveyed immediately after a math lesson. The obtained results indicate that the function of the emotional experiences varies depending on the different developmental phases of the situational interest. The subject-related interest proves to be a meaningful predictor of both phases of situational interest.

Keywords: Situational Interest, Catch and Hold, Mathematic Instruction, Emotional Experiences, Subject-Related Interest

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